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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

January 8th, 2022

January 8th 2022 All Day Tournament Hosted by Rico, Danique and Souji.

Congratulations to STEARNS PARK U30

Coach Rooney and his Players Kirky, Jr P, AJ, Santos, Cler, Taj, DuBlacks, Chris W, Ren, Maps, Play and KJ took home the 1st Place Trophy, medals, Cash and EuqinaD Sports Merchandise.

They placed 2nd in our Last tournament on September 18, 2021. “Alexa, play Alkaline Never Loose Hope.”

Even when they felt all odds were against them, they played as a team and won as such.

STEARNS PARK U30, The New Defending Champions for our next tournament coming up on July 30th, 2022.

Congratulations to Orlando FC on winning 2nd place. They dominated throughout the tournament by beating every team the played until the finals. They went home with Second place trophy, cash and medals.

Orlando FC and Stearns U30 did not play the a complete game due to unforeseen circumstances. The field lights did not come on as anticipated. A shortcoming the hosts sincerely apologize for and will ensure doesn’t happen in the future. Otherwise seeing both teams play the entirety of their game would have remove

First Game of the day was our Defending Championship, STEARNS PARK UNITED vs Little Jamaica United. 20 minutes into the Game and it’s the end of the 1st half. STEARNS PARK UNITED were already leading by 3 Goals. It was at moment that Little Jamaica United realized “they need some milk.” They actually needed 6 more players. Like the Champs the are, STEARNS Park United won 3:0.

Second Game Was Orlando Fc vs One Love Fc. Orlando Fc won 2:0. Thought One Love Fc fought as hard as they could with the players they had, Orlando Fc made it clear they didn’t drive this far to joke around.

Third Game and Orlando Fc was Ready to make their presence known once again vs Stearns Park U30. Ending score is 1:0.

Fourth Game Royal Fc Vs Little Jamaica Fc.

Both teams short of players. There was no sub waiting to relieve them on the sideline. That was the least of Royal Fc’s Concern as they busted 2 goals in Little Jamaica Fc net, winning 2:0.

Fifth Game is One Love Fc vs Stearns Park U30. They tied 1:1 until the end of the game. The game lead into extra time to U30’s dismay. Something they didn’t have to worry about considering they scored the goal that lead them to semi finals.

Sixth Game is STEARNS Park United Vs Royal Fc. Without a doubt they both made it to semi final.

Great Efforts from Little Jamaica United and One Love Fc however they won’t be making it to the semi finals.


Orlando Fc VS Stearns Park U30

Huge Thank to Giggs for stepping in to referee.




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